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Southport Redevelopment Area / Southport Brownfield Development Area | Gloucester City, New Jersey

In partnership with the City of Gloucester and Southport Renewal, LLC (Redeveloper), DSR is the remediation and redevelopment manager for the Southport Redevelopment Area / Southport Brownfield Development Area. This 145-acre waterfront property, previously home to a variety of industrial establishments and activities, is being remediated in preparation for future redevelopment to provide jobs and generate tax ratables on this long-abandoned property.

The project includes remediation of numerous sites including ISRA, RCRA, UST and Spill Act cases. The remedial actions will address soils, groundwater, sediments and surface water enabling reuse of the properties and protecting public health and the environment.

Pad sites are being developed for future reuse, with initial construction underway for a food waste recycling operation on one of the project parcels.

This project is currently on-going

Harrison Avenue Landfill – Landfill Remediation and Redevelopment | Camden, New Jersey

Ray and Joan Kroc Corp Community Center

Rising from the rubble of an old Landfill in Camden is the beginning of a new era for the residents of the Cramer Hill section of Camden, New Jersey. The Salvation Army Camden Citadel is developing the Ray and Joan Kroc Corp Community Center (RJKCCC) at 1865 Harrison Avenue in Camden, on the former Harrison Avenue Landfill.  

This designated Brownfield Development Area (BDA) project includes investigation and redevelopment of the approximately, 85-acre Harrison Avenue Landfill on behalf of the Salvation Army, Camden.

The project has been ongoing since 2006, when the Salvation Army Camden was awarded $59 million to construct and operate the community center. DSR has been retained to provide landfill expertise and has been involved in the project through investigation, design, remediation, and construction of the Community Center facility.  As part of the remedial team being led by Dresdner Robin Environmental Management (DREM), DSR has brought forth numerous cost savings and innovative strategies for the project, reducing remedial and post-closure costs for the client.

Remedial work is nearing completion and the Center is expected to open in October 2014.

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This project is currently on-going


269 Canal Road Property – Landfill Closure and Redevelopment | Falls Township, Pennsylvania

DSR is the project manager and acting owner representative for the remediation and redevelopment of this approximately 22 acre ACT 2 Brownfield redevelopment project.

The project includes landfill closure and the creative reuse of soil materials for redevelopment of a former landfill site. DSR worked with site regulators (PADEP) to gain acceptance for use of regulated fill materials and innovative storm-water management techniques to close the landfill and prepare it for redevelopment.

This project is currently on-going.

Mink Lane/Landfill Redevelopment Area – Landfill Redevelopment | Monroe Township, New Jersey

DSR was the selected redeveloper for this approximately 17 acre landfill redevelopment project. Under the NJ Local Redevelopment and Housing Law, DSR was selected to conduct the remedial investigation and redevelop the former landfill and adjacent land as a mixed-use community with significant residential (including affordable housing), commercial, and open space components. This project terminated prior to closing due to legal issues surrounding the Redevelopment designation, but is being revived for renewable energy generation.

This project is currently pending.

Estell Manor City Landfill – Closure / OM&M | City of Estell Manor, New Jersey

DSR was retained for the site investigation and remedial investigation of this former municipal landfill. Working with the NJDEP and NJ Pinelands Commission, DSR has spearheaded the efforts to gain acceptance of an alternative closure system for the landfill and to gain acceptance of a post-remedial care plan that incorporates new and innovative “performance-based” criteria for determining when landfill care can cease, saving millions of dollars. The site is proposed to be redeveloped as open space for long-term preservation.

This project is currently on-going.

Hamilton Township Landfill – Landfill Closure & Redevelopment | Hamilton Township (AC), NJ

DSR is the selected redeveloper for the acquisition, remediation, and redevelopment of this former municipal landfill in Atlantic County, New Jersey. DSR and the Township of Hamilton are in the process of completing environmental due diligence and transfer of the property and environmental liability to DSR. Upon transfer, DSR will complete the property remediation and redevelopment. The site is proposed to be redeveloped for renewable energy generation and a commercial organic waste processing facility.

This project is currently on-going.

Almonesson Road Properties – Landfill Relocation and Closure | Deptford Township, New Jersey

DSR has been retained for the remedial investigation and redevelopment of this former pig farm landfill. DSR has directed the remedial investigation using innovative approaches to address on-site impacts from waste disposal. The proposed remedial action plan includes on-site management of waste materials with a comprehensive "performance-based" post-closure care plan under a liability transfer arrangement. The balance of the site is proposed to be redeveloped for residential housing.

This project is currently on-going.


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